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What our Clients Say:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both; along with your entire company for the superior job you have done as the master contractor for all improvements at our Arborwalk Community. You and your team shepherded our 20 acres of improvements through a demanding schedule in the face of the pitfalls of weather, discovered conditions, sluggish agency performance, and many other challenges that would probably have stymied a less capable and experienced contractor. And through it all you were on time and under budget which allowed the construction of our 149 homes to begin on schedule.”
- Gary Politte, Senior Vice President Watt Developers, LLC

“I want you to know that your cooperation and attitude helped make the finished project look as good as it does. It is not often that I have as much fun on a project as I had on this one. I appreciate the professional attitude that R.W. Scott Construction Company presented to me and my client on a daily basis.”
- Berk Blake,Blake Land Surveys

There are many General Engineering firms in the Tri-City area that are competent and proficient at meeting the needs of Site Work installations. Then there are firms such as RW Scott that take it a step further.

 Site work is no longer just about the cubic yards of soil moved and placed or how much concrete and asphalt are completed in day. These basic expectations must be met, all while being mindful of environmental, SWPPP, archeological, oil related mitigation and the myriad of regulatory issues we as Developers grapple with. It has been my experience that this is where the RW Scott team excels.

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve and Mike for 12 years in a wide variety of site conditions. RW Scott relationship with The Towbes Group, Inc. group goes back 30 years with their father working directly with Mr. Towbes. This kind of practical, generational, hands on experience just does not exist in today’s market. Couple this with their incorporation of GPS and AGTEK Estimation Site Plan Modeling and someone in my position gains a solid understanding of project.

I always joke that there is no such thing as good news in my line of work. I especially dislike issues that could have been avoided with proper exploration and planning. I don’t get “surprises” from RW Scott.

 - Derek Hansen Vice President Construction/ Development The Towbes Group, Inc.

“You were great! On time, within the established budget, and you even stood by us through county ‘trials’. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
- Brent and Jane Kostiw